February 11 was Women and Girls ' Day in Science, and from the Point TIC Network Dynamization Office we campaigned on social networks to claim the role of women and girls. girls in science and technology and get them into STEAM disciplines.

Dia de la Dona i la Nena en la Ciència 2020
Dia de la Dona i la Nena en la Ciència 2020. Author: Oficina Tècnica. 2020. License: BY-SA.

Throughout the week, 594 encouraging messages have been sent to the networks showing initiatives, women's leaders and organizations sent encouraging messages. Thus, tweeting and tweeting with the #DonesTIC and #NoiesTIC tags garnered 98,000 Twitter impressions .

About Instagram posts and stories were shared on Instagram . You can retrieve it here .

We leave you a compilation of some of the shared messages !