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3rd open creative meeting (about robotics)!

Posted on 12/12/2016
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3a trobada oberta (sobre robòtica) creativa
3a trobada oberta (sobre robòtica) creativa. Source: Oficina de Dinamització de la Xarxa Punt TIC

Créixer amb robots (Growing up with robots), the group of educational robotics of Punt TIC Network, closes the year with an open meeting. It will be on December 23 at 10:00 am at the Ateneu de Fabricació de la Fàbrica del Sol. This will be the third meeting. The previous two were made in December 2015 and last summer.

The meetings are open spaces created by and for facilitators and educators that want to explore themes about innovative work. While it is true that innovation is often to work in robotics and similar disciplines, this year we wanted to go one step further and focus only on the robots. This is why this year we explore new themes and venues:

  • 10:00> 2D design and printing. All we can do with a laser cutter!
  • 12.00> Coffee - break
  • 12:30> Code is fun. Scratch and beyond!
  • 14.30> Lunch time!
  • 16.30> Ravalópolis. QR codes to discover the Raval
  • 18.00> About Ateneu de la Fàbrica del Sol (and end our work with laser printer)

We organize this meeting in collaboration with the Ateneus de Fabricació de Bercelona and we will get to knom know the Ateneu of the Fàbrica del Sol.

We need to know if you will have lunch with us i order to book a place nearby. Register and we will specify location and price soon!

To whet your mouth, here's the video of the meeting of last December.