Participatory workshops at the Omnia Colectic
| Event Date: 05/03/2021 to 30/04/2021
Post to 05/03/2021 | Event Date: 05/03/2021 to 30/04/2021
The Òmnia Colectic promotes participatory radio, video, photography and music workshops for young people. Open enrollment.
Jornada de la Internet Social 2017
Post to 11/10/2017
A hundred of professionals from the social and digital facilitation, public administration and companies gathered a few days ago to share a new edition of the Day of Social Internet 2017 #JdIS.
Noies al YOMO
Post to 05/05/2017
El projecte europeu Collaborative Design for Smart Pupils també aborda la perspectiva de gènere, a l'hora de dissenyar un nou model d'escola i d'aprenentatge col·laboratiu.
Presentació CatLab Tarragona
Post to 10/04/2017
The program CatLab was presented during the months of February and March to different innovation agents in the territory of seven Catalan towns.
Collaborative Design for Smart Pupils
Post to 06/03/2017
The Institut Ernest Lluch is one of two Catalan centers that are participating in the European project Collaborative Design for Smart Pupils .
Ull Crític La Betsaida
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"Critical Eye" is an audiovisual project of the Space Technology The Bethsaida in Badalona, ​​which aims to promote active participation and critical thinking among young people. Through visual language and editing video
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La Garantia Juvenil és una iniciativa de la Unió Europea per reduir l’atur juvenil, implementada pel Departament de Treball, Afers Socials i Famílies a través del...
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The participants of the project Young Reporters of the EspaipTecnològic of the Centre of Infants del Raval have interviewed CAS Bastion, popularly known as the Bastion Hall, to know the work they make about perform social preventi
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