Òmnia Verdum

Imatge de la peça audiovisual que ha realitzat al juliol de 2019 el jovent de l'Omnia Verdum sobre obre els estereotips de gènere
Post to 24/07/2019
The young people of Òmnia Verdum have made 3D printing workshops, 2D animation and social video during the month of July. In the social video workshop they have done an ...
Cardboard workshop
Post to 12/02/2018
Òmnia Vedum and Colectic will participate in the Mobile Week Barcelona, which will take place from February 15 to 24. They offer robotics, programming, digital manufacturing, connective...
Creative workshops in Òmnia Verdum
Post to 15/01/2018
The Òmnia Verdum will open its doors again with the aim of bringing the community and creative technology closer to the neighborhood...
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