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Fotograma de la web sèrie 'Nefeadas'
| Event Date: 10/03/2020
Post to 02/03/2020 | Event Date: 10/03/2020
On Tuesday , March 10 , at 5 p.m. , the 'Creative CITM' will be held at the CITM Plato (33, Igualada Street , Terrassa) : "Nerfeadas: Conversations about Masculism in Video Games" , by ...
Concurs de memes #FuckGenderRoles de DigitalFems
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Gender stereotypes are preconceived ideas about how men and women should behave. They limit our freedom, our expression and our development as people.
Les adolescents perden l’interès en la tecnologia a causa dels prejudicis sexistes
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A video of the UOC and UPC, with the aim of becoming viral reminds us that only one in 10 students are female computer engineering. Several studies say that adolescence is when girls lose interest in STEM careers, because of prejudice, stereotypes and subliminal messages.
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