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Talk about sexism in video games

10/03/2020 a les 17:00
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Fotograma de la web sèrie 'Nefeadas'
Fotograma de la web sèrie 'Nefeadas'

On Tuesday , March 10 , at 5 p.m. , the 'Creative CITM' will be held at the CITM Plato (33, Igualada Street , Terrassa) : "Nerfeadas: Conversations about Masculism in Video Games" , by Marina Amores , communicator and specialist in video games and genres.

In this session, Marina Amores will present his new documentary series 'Nerfeadas: Conversations about Masculism in Video Games '

Through a total of 10 chapters and with the voices of more than twenty professionals interviewed from all fields that surround and compose the video game, ' Nerfeadas' deals with what has happened and is happening in a feminist, critical perspective. the world of video games with respect to women and how they are slowly changing the environment.

The event will be presented by Vanessa Estorach , CITM professor, co-founder of Women in Mobile, Dona TIC 2015 Award and Top 30 Tech Influencers in Barcelona.

The day is open and free . To attend, you need to confirm attendance through this form . Places are limited.

Detalls del curs

Tuesday, 10 March, 2020 - 17:00
Course type: 
Plate of the CITM
Calle de la Igualtat, 33 Terrace

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