Cartell del taller-debat  'Feminismes en línia: autoprotecció digital'
Cartell del taller-debat 'Feminismes en línia: autoprotecció digital' .

Sexist violence is present in all spheres and the digital sphere is not an exception. The digital world is a field full of discrimination for women activists, journalists or anyone who defends human rights.

From the perspective of women's rights, it is essential to ensure that the Internet, understood as a new public space that has an exponentially growing influence, constitutes a safe, violence-free and empowering place for all women and girls.

The Espai Societat Oberta organizes the 'Feminisms online: digital self-protection' workshop-debate on Tuesday November 19 at 6:00 pm with the participation of:

  • Laia Serra: will give the keys on the political dimension and fundamental rights of online sexist violence.
  • Désirée Bela-Loebedde: will explain by personal experience the particularity of digital violence from intersections, personal and professional impacts, what tools know and who we are going through.
  • Dolça Moreno (Donestech): advice on digital security understood as empowerment, creation and appropriation of tools.

The entrance is free


11/19/2019 - 18:00