TINETjornada 2017: Internet, things and us
TINETjornada 2017: Internet, things and us. 2 017.

Diputació de Tarragona through TINET organizes a new edition of TINETjornada, a meeting that analyzes and reflects on the Internet and new information technologies and communication.

The organizers explain that "this year will deal with some aspects of the Internet of Things to know when and where we can use connected objects, to know where they end the data collected, and to establish a minimum basic measures of security and privacy, based on common sense. in addition, these objects have been created and scheduled. to better understand these things will practice basic notions of programming. " The aim is to pave the way towards the Internet of Things.

The meeting will run from 9:45 am to 1:30 pm at the Palace of Tarragona. Registration can be done by filling out this form.



Santiago Costa Hall, Palace of Tarragona
Paseo de San Antonio, 100