"Emocionem-nos educant"
"Emocionem-nos educant".

The family, together with the school, where the child is developing their values, their skills and their personality. Therefore, it is important to start educating the emotions from birth because they have a strong importance in brain development, the self and relationships with others.

The talk will be given by Laia Casas, trainer in Educational Innovation, which treat as increasing emotional awareness, how to regulate and manage emotions in the family and how to boost self-esteem and emotional autonomy of both children and parents.

The price is 10 €. Registration is needed at the municipal offices or by bank transfer to: 0182-5634-17-0200127000 indicating the name. Prior to admission, call 977 41 60 03 to confirm place.


05/28/2016 - 16:00

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Laia Casas
10 euros