Online event Laboratorios del Medialab Prado
Online event Laboratorios del Medialab Prado. 2 021.

The program "Distributed citizen laboratories. Citizen innovation in libraries and other cultural institutions" is an action of international scope that encourages the creation of citizen laboratories in libraries and other institutions and organizations, following the methodology developed by Medialab Prado. The event can be followed live here.

Between September and December 2020, 209 projects have been developed in Spain and Latin America and an international collaboration network of 80 people from 15 countries has been created.

The initiative arises within the project Laboratorios Bibliotecarios, a project of the SG of Library Coordination (Ministry of Culture and Sports) and Medialab Prado (Madrid City Council) that aims to provide a response to the coronavirus crisis. It is an invitation to libraries and other cultural institutions to set up citizen laboratories in which citizens themselves identify the challenges their community faces and collaborate to collectively develop a response to these challenges.