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Eight sessions will be held to improve employability by discovering and putting into practice the most current trends in job hunting during the month of June from 10am to 11am in Vilablareix. Don't miss it!

During the month of June, the ICT Point El Rusc of the Vilablareix Town Council, with the support of the Girona County Council, will promote the first edition of a cycle of free webinars to promote employment in the town of Vilablareix. As part of the 'Connecting Talent' initiative, the space will seek to improve the employability of residents by discovering and implementing the most current trends in job hunting. In this sense, the eight training sessions, which will be offered at no cost, will take place from 10 to 11 am.

Next Thursday, June 15, the first session, 'How to prepare the curriculum vitae', will be offered, on what is the best way to be able to adapt your curriculum vitae to the current situation and to the requirements demanded by the areas of human resources. Next Friday, June 16, the second session will take place, 'What professional skills do I have?', on self-knowledge to enhance the differential skills that will make your candidacy ideal. Next Monday, June 19, the third session, 'Tips and tools to make your curriculum vitae eye-catching', will be offered, on what is the best template for creating a good curriculum vitae that attracts the person's attention interviewer Next Tuesday, June 20, the fourth session will be held, 'How to pass a job interview', on guidelines, tools and advice for verbal and non-verbal communication to be able to make a leap in quality.

Next, next Wednesday 21 June, the fifth session, 'Social networks and the job search', will be offered, on network portals that are ideal for looking for new jobs. Next Thursday, June 22, the sixth session will take place, 'Emotional management in a job selection process', on strategies we use to be able to have peace of mind in the job search process and handling limiting emotions. Next Friday, June 23, the seventh session will be offered, 'Job portals and how to find the best selection process', on online and offline job portals to be able to search for the best candidate. Next Monday, June 26, the eighth session will take place, 'Personal development and emotional intelligence', on self-management and self-regulation of emotions.

Interested persons can register through this link online .