Saló Futura 2017
The Saló Futura offers the opportunity to know first hand the different options of undergraduate, postgraduate and master's degrees in Catalonia, Spain and abroad.

This will be the fifteenth edition of Futura , the Saló dels Màsters i Postgraus, and will feature a sixty exhibitors. This year, the masters and postgraduate degrees taught by Catalan universities in foreign languages ​​stand out , which account for 71% of the new studies at the fair.

The hall aims to enhance the orientation to resolve doubts, provide the necessary information and make an accompaniment to the visitor that facilitates a decision that is agile and well-founded.

Tickets can be purchased in advance (6 euros) or at the box office (8 euros, 7 with university card).



Fira Montjuïc
Avda. Queen Maria Cristina, s / n