Imatge per difondre la 5a sessió sobre dades obertes en l’educació de les noves generacions
Imatge per difondre la 5a sessió sobre dades obertes en l’educació de les noves generacions.

This edition will focus on how open data is affecting policies aimed at young people and social inclusion, and will have three presentations that show the sector's adaptation to this new reality:

1. Presentation by Joan Llosada , coordinator of the Data Analysis and Evaluation Unit of the Directorate General for Child and Adolescent Care of the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Families, will explain the opening and the reuse of data from the reception service for unaccompanied migrant youth.

2. Paper by Julià Urrutia , head of the Strategic Projects and Transparency Service, will explain the projects that open and reuse data from the Ministry of Education.

3. "Challenge Barcelona Dades Obertes" , a pioneering initiative and the prime example of the first principle of the "Decalogue of principles of citizen data" of Eurocities. Promoted by the Barcelona City Council, it is a school competition to propose improvement actions based on the analysis and reuse of the City Council's open data.

We will have all its protagonists: Mercè Fígols , responsible for the Barcelona City Council's Open Data BCN Service and the project; Susana Navarro , referent to the STEAM programs of the Barcelona Education Consortium; Oleguer Sagarra , co-founder and data scientist of Dribia and Cesc Moliné , professor of the Challenge-winning Institute, the INS Vila de Gràcia, and his students will present the winning proposal of the 2019 edition.



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