Activitat de Mujeres Tech
Activitat de Mujeres Tech.

On April 27 marks the Day of Girls in ICT ( Girls in ICT Day ). To celebrate this day, Mujeres Tech organized two meetings, one in Barcelona and another in Madrid. In Barcelona, ​​will focus on increasing the visibility of women who advance and apply science data in areas of high impact.

It also announced the activities that will take place soon, such as Degree in Mathematical Science Data , during Summer Girls Date in Science (for students of 3rd and 4th ESO), launching the 2017 edition of the competition Wisibilízalas and actions GirlsTech for girls 10-12 years.


10:00 to 10:45 h Escape room activity which solve puzzles against the clock to get out of a room. 80 students (boys and girls) high schools (preferably 1st and 2nd Baccalaureate) Registration

MTechTalk 11:00 to 12:00 h (registered institutes and the general public - no registration required). Moderator: Ana Freire, professor DTIC-UPF research group website and promoter of Mathematical Science Degree in Engineering Data.

  • Capsule Science Data - application examples
  • Lauren Romeo - NLP Lead Scientist, Tekstum (Technology for the publishing industry)
  • Sandra García - Scientific data Schibsted (recommender systems)
  • Noelia Soler - expert senior technology (SAP platforms of large volumes of data and Internet of Things)



Campus of Communication at the University Pompeu Fabra
Roc Boronat 138