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Lighting in 3D stages

02/03/2021 a les 19:00
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3D stage lighting at the Palau TIC Point
3D stage lighting at the Palau TIC Point. 2021. Source: Punt TIC Palau. Licence: BY-SA

What is lighting like for a virtual world? Sign up for the next online training at Palau TIC Point on Tuesday March 2nd at 7pm. Open enrollment.

Video games are among the most complex forms of interactive media as they are capable of simulating various elements of traditional media, such as stories, complex characters, music, and even hyper-realistic environments that practically emulate all elements of nature including light.

In this online training, Benjamin Rubio will explain how to achieve the desired lighting in any 3D software. Open enrollment.

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Tuesday, 2 March, 2021 - 19:00
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