Conferència Labdoo
Conferència Labdoo. 2 016.

At the conference there will be several keynote speakers such as special Jampa Tibet or Sister Zephir Pakistan or The Ousman Ghana, as well as other guests from New Zealand, California, Switzerland and Germany, all activists in the world of education they have received several international awards and are working on the platform humanitarian Labdoo.

Aimed at young audiences also will find Explorium , which held a robotics workshop for children. It will be a day focused on education and discuss new ideas and strategies on how we can all make it available to schools around the world in a sustainable manner. Other participants some of the people who have successfully started moving Labdoo from their respective countries.

Explore the conference program as well as the book you have published stories with captivating speakers attending the conference coming from places around the world.

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09/17/2016 - 08:30


Diagonal Norte. Master class / Building A3
C. Jordi Girona, 1-3

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€ 15 (includes lunch)