Logo GOW17
Logo GOW17.

From March 27 to April 2 will be a new edition of the Get Online Week (GOW17). It will focus on three areas:

  • Cybersecurity: use technology and the Internet safely, manage their identity (digital).
  • Electronic services: learn to keep up with electronic services (e-government, e-banking, healthcare online, e-commerce).
  • Employment and entrepreneurship: learning new skills for employment and starting businesses.

There will also be space to address copyright and intellectual property issues, which will be highlighted in the campaign events, through a collaboration with the Mozilla Foundation. Will announce its initiative Reform Copyright proposed copyright reform. Aims to create awareness about the need to update and harmonize the rules of copyright to create space to create, share and learn online.

The GOW17 already has 24 national organizations that are committed to promoting the initiative nationally. These entail public authorities, telecentres, ICT companies, nonprofit organizations, libraries and schools in organizing activities. The aim will be to bring ICT to citizens and fight the digital divide. All Punt TIC are invited to participate!