Entrepreneurship: My business on the Internet
Entrepreneurship: My business on the Internet.

The 'Entrepreneurship: My Internet business' program consists of face-to-face workshops and an accompaniment process, and is aimed at entrepreneurs who want to digitally transform their business to sales, business management and marketing.

The third edition of the program will be held in 2018 and will incorporate some new features, such as webinars and online accompaniment.

The bases of the program are:

  • Discover and choose the best channels for your business
  • Get to know the technical and content part of each social network
  • Take maximum advantage of the workshops and training of Can Muntanyola
  • Access to the open classroom with accompaniment
  • Design an appropriate strategy for your business model
  • Set up your publication calendar (Social Media Plan)

The training offers a methodology tailored to the needs and availability of entrepreneurs, based on learning methodologies ' Learning by doing ' and ' Do it yourself '. The program is designed with a dual purpose: to digitally train (digital skills) and acquire entrepreneurial skills.

Calendar of sessions

INFORMATIVE SESSION 01/17/2018 - Communication kit for entrepreneurs

SESSION INFORMATIVA 01/24/2018 - Plan your web with Canvas

PRACTICAL WORKSHOP 01/31/2018 - Billing: Billing, projects and marketing your company

PRACTICAL WORKSHOP 02/15/2018 - Facebook for entrepreneurial companies and shops

PRACTICAL WORKSHOP 02/07/2018 - Introduction to WordPress.com

PRACTICAL WORKSHOP 02/28/2018 - Introduction to WordPress.org

PRACTICAL WORKSHOP 03/14/2018 - Twitter for company and entrepreneurs

PRACTICAL WORKSHOP 07/03/2018 - Geositioning and 360 tools for your business

INFORMATIVE SESSION 04/11/2018 - Basic communication kit for entrepreneurship

INFORMATIVE SESSION 04/18/2018 - How to sell products online

PRACTICAL WORKSHOP 05/05/2018 - Instagram, the showcase on the Internet

PRACTICAL WORKSHOP 05/30/2018 - Create your newsletter with AcumbaMail

PRACTICAL WORKSHOP 04/25/2018 - Introduction to WooCommerce



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