Drones. 2 014.

Drones, creative mix of hardware, software, and various technologies have evolved from devices known only to specialists in defense, to flood the media with news of new applications in fields as varied as audiovisual, agriculture or maintenance among many others. Is emerging around a new sector of economic activity with a huge impact both in industry and in services, allowing to increase effectiveness and efficiency in existing activities and facilitating the emergence of other newly minted before unthinkable ... and is only the beginning!

At this conference we will approach polyhedral this sector emerging from the vision of manufacturers, service providers specific drone, companies using drones in their activities, legal experts and creative talent, and discuss their potential to generate new business and increase the competitiveness of our business.


9: 45h Presentation - Introduction Mr. Xavier Ayneto, Mr. Ideas2value Network Xavier Gallardo, Ideas2value Network

9: 45h Marc current legislative Mr. Javier Prenafeta Abanlex

10: 00h initiative Catalonia Mr. Smart Drones Daniel Marco, Secretary for Governance of ICT from the Government of Catalonia

10: 15h vision manufacturers Sr. Marcel robust DroneTools

10: 30h Coffee break

10: 45h Experiences and initiatives Mr. Alex Gomar, Hemav (broadcasting, agriculture, making data) Sr. Francisco Martinez, FMIC (facility management, critical infrastructure security)

11: 15h future needs and generation of talent for the industry Mr. Pablo Royo, UPC

11: 30h Debate with the speakers Moderator: Xavier Ayneto

12: 10h Interventions attendees

12: 30h Closing

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