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The session, which will allow you to know what your rights and duties are on the internet and learn how to protect privacy, will be held next Thursday, June 22, from 10.30am to 12.30pm in Castellar del Vallès. Essential!

The ICT Point El Mirador of the Castellar del Vallès Town Council will organize the course 'Measures to navigate with peace of mind' which will be taught next Thursday 22 June from 10.30am to 12.30pm. The session will be face-to-face and will allow you to learn what your rights and duties are on the Internet and learn how to protect privacy, manage your digital identity and discover how to communicate properly on the Internet. So the basics of internet security will be covered, such as malware and unwanted software, antivirus and firewalls, passwords and managers, browsing safety, browsing privacy , privacy in social networks, digital identity, digital footprint and data protection.

In this sense, the course will cost 15 euros. However, unemployed people registered with the Public Employment Service of Catalonia, people aged 65 or over, people with disabilities and large and single-parent families will have a small discount and the course will cost 12 euros.

The ICT Point El Mirador of the Ajuntament de Castellar del Vallès, which is located in Plaça d'El Mirador without a number in the town of Castellar del Vallès, is a knowledge center, a cultural center and a civic center that promotes the values of innovation and creativity, science and technology, culture and cooperation. The aim is to promote access to new information and communication technologies.

Interested persons can register through this link online .