What is the Digital Social Innovation?
What is the Digital Social Innovation?.

What do we mean when we talk about social and responsible digital innovation? Since Citilab explain that it is a process, an initiative, a project, an instrument that is still building, which is recognized as original and surprising, not so much for its technical complexity as well as its efficacy for its capacity solve problems of common interest involving digital tools, and a load of social responsibility.

It is a systemic innovation beyond product innovation or service. As imitable, transferable and reproducible has an impact "glocal" important. And what is perhaps more decisive, has a direct impact on the generation of social capital, helping people to overcome the static dilemmas of collective action.

Given the complexity of this type of innovation requires the participation of different types of actors: citizens, local governments, companies and research centers. Quadruple Helix is called.

Thus, this conference aimed at officers of the 36 municipalities that make up the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona: citizens, governments, businesses and academics who carry out activities of social and digital innovation in this area.

To confirm attendance please send an email before 14:00 hours on 25 November in lab [at] citilab.eu. We also ask you to answer this form with your interests.



9: 30-9: 45 pm Welcome by Hector Santcovsky, director of the Department of Social and Economic Development, AMB.

9: 45-10: 00 PRESENTATION OF OPEN LAB by Javier González, director of Citilab Cornellà.

10: 00-11: 00 OPENING

  • Francesca Bria, Commissioner of Technology and digital innovation of the City of Barcelona. Why is it important digital social innovation in Barcelona and its metropolitan area?
  • Artur Serra, i2cat Foundation. Project coordinator CatLab network Catalan social digital innovation. Why do social and digital innovation is key to Catalonia?

11: 00-12: 30 pm meeting point for social and digital innovation
Four tables to work on building an open network of laboratories:

  • Participation, social cohesion, welfare and health.
  • Education, work.
  • Ecology, environment, housing, mobility.
  • Initiatives mapping to identify innovation in our territory.


  • Isidro Bermúdez, Recreation Foundation. SOC Special Projects: Project training of local agents of innovation.
  • Enric Senabre Foundation Goteo.org. Funding formulas "match-funding" Experiences of participation by institutional crowdfunding support social innovation
  • Sergi Frias Cobos and Pablo Muiño, City of St. Feliu. Social Innovation Collaborative network of Baix: In the Province of Barcelona in the spectrum.

13: 30-14: 00 CONCLUSIONS



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