Postgrau en Digital Learning i Experiències d'Aprenentatge Emergent
Postgrau en Digital Learning i Experiències d'Aprenentatge Emergent. 2 016.
If you want a program that accompany the construction and development of the paradigm shift in education, students kingdoms or internal customer, making him principal manager and active participant learning, discovering and taking advantage of their potential and talent, and is accompanied by the technologies available at the time, this is your course.
This course comes from the analysis of the current needs and deriving certain is that we need to eLearning courses and training centers, universities, schools and businesses are full of attractive content, motivating that are remembered and are in line with the most innovative trends in the field of education. The aim is to learn, connect, create community engagement while strengthened.
Academic Accreditation:
Specialization Diploma / Certificate in Digital Learning Experiences and Learning Emerging from the University of Barcelona.
Own course designed according to the guidelines of the European Higher Education equivalent to 30 credits.
1. Emerging Trends
1.1. New scenarios, new possibilities. Challenge Based Learning
1.2. Neuroeducatius foundations for the use of innovative methodologies
1.3. New leadership training spaces. The accompanying coach, peer learning, collaborative team
1.4. Entrepreneurial-entrepreneurial attitude
1.5. Learning Network: LinkedIn and Twitter as elements of the classroom
2. Design Thinking applied learning
2.1. Introduction to people-centered innovation. Potential approach
2.2. And logical processes of design thinking
2.3. Tools applied to every stage of design thinking
2.4. Design projects and learning experiences from design thinking
3. Gamificació: training game
3.1. Gamificació and play. The facilitator of the game
3.2. Elements gamificació
3.3. Gamificació education
3.4. Examples of applied learning gamificació
4. Mobile learning
4.1. Basis of mobile learning. Liquid society, ubiquitous learning
4.2. Apps for productivity and learning management
4.3. Creativity and multimedia production
5. Flipped classroom
5.1. The base model of "class upside down"
5.2. Examples of good classroom inverted
5.3. What's new?
6. Attitude coolhunter
6.1. Robotics programming ...
6.2. movement maker
6.3. Augmented reality, virtual reality
6.4. Other emerging trends
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