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Artificial Intelligence course. Applications for the business world.

de 09:00 a 18:00
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The College of Industrial Engineers of Catalonia organizes the course "Artificial Intelligence. Applications for the business world." The training aims to present and implement some of the most common methods of Machine Learning (Machine Learning - AA) using libraries Tensorflow Google that allow an application quickly and efficiently in the business world.

The course , on-campus, is aimed at people who want to explore the methods and tools most common AA to apply them to their business problems or to open new business opportunities. Although not essential, we recommend a basic knowledge of programming. The examples are written and performed live in Python, a language easy interpretation.


  • Introduction

1. What is meant by artificial intelligence (AI - AI)
2. Historical overview. Evolution of IA
3. State of the art
4. New trends

  • Machine Learning (Machine Learning)

1. common machine learning models: SVM, PCA, K-Means, Neural Networks
2. Learning supervised. enhanced learning

  • Deep Neural Networks and Learning

1. Live: Definition of a neural network with Tensorflow
2. Live: Learning and optimization of the neural network. Display internal neurons
3. Generalization Deep Learning

The course fee is 205 euros if you're referee; 295 if you come from a company member or $ 350 for the general public. There are 20 places available. You can register online through this link .

Detalls del curs

Wednesday, 20 April, 2016 - 09:00 to 18:00
Francesc Xavier Arrufat
Number of students: 
Via Laietana, 37 2nd Barcelona

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