curs de pilot avançat de drons
curs de pilot avançat de drons. 2 016.

The aim of this course is that students learning to become new drivers, and can certify their knowledge and skills necessary to pilot unmanned aircraft (UAVs / RPAs / UAVs) in a non-professional.

The course is aimed at all those who need to use the drones to develop their careers or for those who use an RPA may be useful in the future of their profession.

The theoretical course, lasting approximately 60 hours, consists of 11 subjects. Upon completion of each course, students will have to answer a test of progress to later undergo a final test with a qualified examiner demonstrating their knowledge. It is done in two weeks time from 15 to 21h at the headquarters of Citilab and costs € 783, € 50 discount for citizens of Cornellà.

As for the practical part of the course in approximately 15 hours, divided into two internships, where students first come into contact with the generalities of unmanned aircraft and a second practice, which may make various flight maneuvers with RPA. Later, they will have to test supervised by a flight instructor to ensure their practical knowledge. This part will cost € 667 and is made Sallent. For those interested in the practical exam in a weekend offered a hosting service.

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Other details

Course level
€ 783 € 667 theory and practice
50€ discount to inhabitants of Cornellà
Course Manual
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