Activity banner 'Fes un GIR' in Girona
Activity banner 'Fes un GIR' in Girona. 2 022.

The Municipal Employment Service of the Girona City Council , through the LabGi TIC Point, supports the job search through the activity 'Make a GIR, a personalized support itinerary , which combines attention individual with group sessions, which will be developed in 7 phases:

1. Decision tree: we will help you identify your personal motivations and professional interests, which will allow you to define your work goals.
2. Map of occupations: with the aim of knowing the occupations based on the analysis of the socio-economic context and the labor market in your area.
3. Skills assessment: we will provide you with tools for self-knowledge, so that you can identify your skills, as well as those you need to improve.
4. Improvement plan: to specify the actions you will have to carry out to move towards your work goals.
5. Search tools: we will work on the key tools to tackle the job search successfully.
6. Review of the improvement plan: we will check whether you have achieved your goals and analyze the obstacles you have encountered during this process.
7. Entrepreneurship: we will talk about entrepreneurship and self-employment as a possible work option.

Who can participate?
- People seeking employment in a situation of unemployment.
- Working people in precarious employment situations.

- Be registered with the Public Employment Service of Catalonia with active demand at the time of starting the program. Registration through this link .