Girona Week of Women and Girls in Science 2021
Girona Week of Women and Girls in Science 2021. 2 021.

This week has as objectives, among others:

  • Raise awareness and vindicate girls and women in STEM careers (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)
  • Promote and encourage greater full and effective participation of women in technical careers
  • Disseminate and make visible the task and role of girls and women in scientific-technological fields
  • Offer women social lift opportunities related to a future STEAM career
  • Promote female roles in science and technology to create positive references for new generations
  • Promote the participation of girls in education
  • Empower women and seek real equality between men / women - equitable access
  • Make women visible in R + D + I Disseminate the state of the art technology and the benefits of its efficient use

Here you can consult all the workshops.