Photograph of a group of girls with their mentor, at the event of STEAMConf 2018
The young participants in the Technovation have presented their projects to other companies and mentors, at an event organized by STEAMConf 2018. Author: Gerardo Pisarello (Twitter). 2018. License: All rights reserved.

On April 18, fifty young people from Barcelona who participated in the Challenge Technovation have been able to savor the sensation of presenting their project to other companies and mentors. It has been in an event held at the Hall of Cent of Barcelona City Council, within the framework of the Barcelona STEAMConf 2018. They have been accompanied by the writer Zoe Philpott, who has 15 years of digital experience and is the creator of the show that celebrates the contribution of Ada Lovelace to "Ada.Ada.Ada" computer science. In this session, girls have had the opportunity to share the positive, social and economic impact of their projects and discuss with the writer.

Technovation is an international competition that raises the challenge of developing a mobile application for girls and young people between 10 and 18 years old to solve a problem in their environment. It aims to awaken its technological vocations and the results of the previous editions show that it is achieving it: the program produces a 78% increase in the interest of the girls participating in the technology and 58% of the participants start after studies in the field of ICT.

The participants of the 2018 edition have received training and now they work hard to arrive in time to present their applications and business plans to the regional finals. On May 19 will be the Barcelona Regional Pitch 2018, with Catalan and Aragonese participants. The winners will participate in the international semifinal and will be able to reach the final, to be held in San Francisco, United States, with prizes of between 2,500 and 15,000 dollars.

Volunteers are required to organize the final of Barcelona and to become a virtual jury

The Espiral Education and Technology Association, the national ambassador of the program, makes two calls to the volunteer to make the regional end a success. On the one hand, people are required to lend a hand with the logistics and organization of the event . Those interested can contact the email address at girls4change [go to]

On the other hand, they are looking for people willing to do a virtual jury. They must evaluate at least five projects, which can be from Catalan teams or from all over the world. They are looking for people with a technological, business or communication profile.