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Xarxa Òmnia de Badalona and the Women Commission of Badalona Sud present the creative thread of voices of supportive women

Posted on 02/03/2020
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Cartell Dia Internacional de les Dones 2020 a l'Òmnia Casal Cívic Sant Roc
Cartell per a preparar el Dia Internacional de les Dones 2020 a l'Òmnia Casal Cívic Sant Roc, for Òmnia Sant Roc. 2020. Licence: BY-SA

On March 9, the Badalona Omnia Network and the Badalona South Women Commission present a creative thread of testimonials for women and neighbors , songs, slogans through audio-visual or written tools.

As part of the celebration of the next International Women's Day, the Badalona Omnia Network and the Badalona South Women's Commission carry out the 'Voices of Women' event.
There will be a march from the various Points to the meeting point, graphic exhibitions, workshops, reading of the manifesto, sample of voices and musical performance. In addition, a collective song will be sung "On the Surface" with an adapted lyrics
One of the key acts is the presentation of a thread of   testimonies and stories of women and neighbors of the territory , in audio-visual and / or written form.
A few months ago, they called on organizations in Badalona to promote this participatory activity in which they have made recordings of creative texts, claims, stories and testimonies of all the women who have approached to give their voice and prepare in a way cooperative and community this special day.

The event will be held on March 9 at the Plaça Sant Elies in Badalona (Mercat de Sant Roc) at 11:30 am. where you can enjoy an exhibition exhibition of the works created and a collective musical performance .

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