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Winners of the 2017 TIC Women Prize

Posted on 15/12/2017
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Winners of the Premi Dona TIC 2017
Winners of the Premi Dona TIC 2017, for Tertúlia Digital. Licence: Tots els drets reservats

On December 14 took place the 12x12 Congress. They reviewed the most important that has taken place in 2017 in the field of ICT in Catalonia and delivered the Dona TIC Award.

Tomàs Cascante, president of Tertulia Digital, consultant who organizes the event, opened the conference and gave way to the conference 'Media education, the seed of ethics on the Internet', by the journalist and vice president of the CAC, Salvador Alsius. Next, Jordi Puigneró, secretary for the Governance of Information Technology and Communication, gave a summary of the TIC year.

The awards ceremony, led by Anna Mercadé, director of the Women, Business and Economy Observatory of the Chamber of Commerce, Eva Blanco, responsible for Communication and Public Relations at HP, and Núria Balada, president of the Catalan Women's Institute.

The winners were:

  • Entrepreneur: Mar Alarcón
  • Professional: Anna Sabater
  • Academic-researcher: Ana Ripoll
  • Publisher: Mariola Dinarès
  • TIC Woman Revelation: Mireia Calvo
  • Student ICT University: Ester Lorente
  • TIC Student Professional Training: Marina Blasco
  • Business Initiative: Oracle4Girls

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