TEAC 2016
TEAC 2016. 2016. Font: Telecentre Europe. License: All rights reserved.

The first day, on Thursday, 7 October, will focus on policies and practices around the digital skills for future technologies and new forms of employment. Delegates will be able to provide what citizens' needs and plan interventions to give them support. On 8 October deepen the discussion on future skills for learning and recruitment, and how industry and government can help organizations adapt to this new scenario. It also organized a forum to explore possible transferable learning projects between member organizations.

The culmination of the annual conference of Telecentre Europe will be Friday afternoon at the hands of the Telecentre Awards ceremony in 2016 to recognize individuals and organizations the best of digital inclusion throughout Europe. The participants will also visit the Interactive Digital Ghent Fair on 8 October.

The registration for the TEAC is now open. You can also check you can find a more detailed program and information of interest. This year, the event is co-organized by members of the Belgian Ghent Digipolis and will take place at the NH Ghent Belfort.