At the Hospital Universitari de Bellvitge, the use of glasses with immersive videos has reduced the pain indices by 25% and the anxiety indices of the patients by 30%. Very interesting!

Image of glasses
Image of glasses. 2021. Font: Pexels.

According to a clinical study carried out in the ICU of the Hospital Universitari de Bellvitge, patients who have to go through a painful treatment, such as, for example, the extraction of thoracic drains after heart surgery, see reduced by 25% their pain indices and by 30% their anxiety indices thanks to the use of virtual reality glasses. The clinical study has been carried out over the last twelve months with a hundred patients, half of whom were offered the use of virtual reality glasses and half of whom were not offered the use of virtual reality glasses. In this sense, levels of pain and distress have been measured with approved assessments of the main vital signs such as blood pressure, heart rates, respiratory rates and blood oxygen level. So, during the extraction procedure of the thoracic drains, an essential element in the recovery of patients after cardiac surgery especially to maintain a correct hemodynamic function when extracting the blood, fluid and the air that can accumulate around the heart and avoid complications such as, for example, bleeding and inflammation, the sick person wears virtual reality glasses and sees different immersive videos projected with natural landscapes, starry skies or fictional characters.