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Tutored self-trainig at the Ribera d'Ebre Telecenter

Posted on 31/01/2017
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Tutored self-trainig at the Ribera d'Ebre Telecenter
Tutored self-trainig at the Ribera d'Ebre Telecenter, for Telecentre de la Ribera d'Ebre. 2017. Source: Autoformació Tutoritzada 2017

Following the type that leads to the Telecentre from Ribera d'Ebre for more than 14 years, this will continue in 2017 with the introduction of our training in information and communications technology (ICT).

The self-training is designed to combine the use of telecentre between users and students who are training. The key to this type of training is to adapt the way form the schedule and pace of the student.

Students choose the day and time to train and always have a support teacher who helps whenever they choose to perform the training.

The various courses and syllabuses available at the Training Platform from the Punt TIC Ribera d'Ebre.

The courses are:

  • Beginners to computing, Windows, word processing and the Internet.
  • Introduction to word processor, Microsoft Word.
  • Introduction to the spreadsheet Microsoft Excel.
  • Introductory presentations, Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Advanced word processing with Microsoft Word.
  • Advanced spreadsheet with Microsoft Excel.
  • Introduction to databases, Microsoft Access.
  • Course of photo editing with Photoshop

The dates of the 2017 self this will be:

  • January: January 9 to February 3
  • February: February 6 to March 3
  • March: from 7 to 31 March
  • April: 24 April to 19 May
  • June: from 5 to 30 June
  • July: from 3 to 22 July
  • September: from 4 to 29 September
  • October: from 2 to 27 October
  • November: November 6 to November 1
  • December: 4 to 29 December

All entries courses are held one week before the course starts.