Captura de pantalla de la plataforma Billage
Aspecte de la plataforma Billage. Author: Billage. 2016. Font: Billage. License: All rights reserved.

Billage is an online platform that allows an unified management of business processes. The management of contacts with clients, budgets, sales, projects, billing and especially the analysis of results, can be done through this platform with an easy and intuitive way; in addition, it is integrated with Google tools, MailChimp and Dropbox.

Billage, in collaboration with the Punt TIC network offers a training workshop on Friday, June 3, for all those who are interested in better understanding the concepts linked with the business processes and in better understand this platform and the services that offer. The main idea is be able to do trainings related to these types of tools and resources and to promote their use.

This workshop is the first in a series dedicated to ICT tools that help the economic development of companies and entrepreneurial projects, and will take place through a virtual classroom. Thus, thanks to the collaboration of the company Telàpolis, the e-facilitators and trainers who are interested on it, will actively participate in the workshop without traveling.