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The TIC Point of the Biblioteca Escorxador launches a campaign to collaborate with the TV3 Marathon

Posted on 20/11/2019
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The Punt TIC- Biblioteca l'Escorxador de Sant Celoni makes a collection of books, CD'S and films in good condition to collaborate with the Marató de TV3 this year from November 18 to 30 .

This year, the TV3 Marathon , to be held on December 15,   It deals with minority diseases, which affect a maximum of 5 people per 10,000 inhabitants. They include a set of diseases that are very different from each other, but they have in common that they are usually serious, chronic, progressive and disabled.

Under the title "Minorities that make a majority" , the campaign aims to exemplify the reality of minority illnesses, while finding values that characterize it, such as complicity, solidarity and the sum of individual efforts to achieve a great milestone.

With the objective of raising funds to make a donation to the campaign, the Sant Celoni Slaughterhouse Library makes a collection of books, CD'S and films in good condition to be put up for sale by colleagues. work with the Marathon. From 2 to December 14 they will be put up for sale.

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