Imatge per difondre el curs d'imatge digital al Punt TIC-Òmnia Colectic
Imatge per difondre el curs d'imatge digital al Punt TIC-Òmnia Colectic. Author: Pexels. 2018. License: BY-SA.

Do you know the language of the images? Do you want to learn how to make good photos? The TIC-Òmnia Colectic Point starts November 12th through December 17th digital image sessions to learn how to use a DSLR digital camera.

This face-to-face and intensive course is structured in five sessions and is aimed at anyone who wants to learn digital photography and know the tools and advantages that DSLR digital cameras give. Every Tuesday from 5.30 a.m. to 7 p.m. participants will learn composition, color treatment and image editing tools with the free and free GIMP software tool.


Session 1: 12/11 - From the camera of the large format to the digital and the elements of the camera.
Session 2: 11/19 - Composition, third party law and plans.
Session 3: 26/11 - The DSLR (digital reflex camera) and the parameters: modes, focus, etc.
Session 4: 03/12 - The DSLR (digital reflex camera) in manual mode: speed, diaphragm, iso.
Session 5: 10/12 - Introduction to the digital image with GIMP: the pixel, the dpi, etc.
Session 6: 17/12 - Practical space for solving doubts. Open registrations!

For more information and registrations , you can consult the website of the project.