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Telecentre Europe closes the year with a report about TEAC2016

Posted on 20/12/2016
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TEAC2016 report
TEAC2016 report. Source: Telecentre Europe

Telecentre Europe's annual meeting took place in October. Although it has been a long time, the umbrella organization of telecentres across the continent now has shared a report with all the information and several videos that summarize the conference.

It seems that the end of the year was a good time for the closing of TEAC2016. Telecentre Europe has published a report with information of interest about its annual meeting and shared several videos.

The report presents the highlights of the Telecentre Europe Annual Conference, a three day event that took place in Ghent, Belgium, from 6 to 8 October 2016. It includes a summary of the main sessions of the conference.

Here is a short video summarizing the meeting:

In TEAC2016 Telecentre-Europe and I LINC Prizes were awarded. Here is the video about how it was the ceremony: