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Start a workshop on Arduino, at Òmnia PES La Mina

Posted on 27/01/2017
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Workshop on Arduino i +, in l'Òmnia PES La Mina
Workshop on Arduino i +, in l'Òmnia PES La Mina, for Òmnia PES La Mina. Licence: Tots els drets reservats

Òmnia PES La Mina will host two workshops this February: on robotics and on job search. For March, they have programmed one on digital photography and another one on communication for nonprofits.

In early January Òmnia PES La Mina unveiled its training program for winter 2017, which include learning workshops on different topics for the months of January to March. Each month they conduct two workshops. This January they have developed the workshops "La Mina Wikipedia" and "Citizen online."

One of the February workshops will be for providing support in finding work. It also proposed a workshop on creative technology and culture maker, will work with Arduino, Little Bits, Lego and Tinkerkit.

In March will be conducted workshops on digital photography and communication for organizations.

For more information and registration you can write to peslamina [at] xarxaomnia.gencat.cat, call to 933 811 578 or go in person to PES La Mina: C ​​/ del Mar s/n - Sant Adrià de Besòs. You can also check the poster with the program.

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