The Sant Feliu Innova TIC Point celebrated last February 4 the presentation of the Wifi4EU Sant Feliu service. Thanks to this initiative, you can access the Internet from different points in Sant Feliu and surf quickly and safely.

Free WiFi access point image
Free WiFi access point image. 2018. Font: Freepik. License: BY-SA.

The Wifi4EU Network is a European project that has an expected duration of three years. The initiative was launched last February 4 and serves to put technology at the service of the citizens of Sant Feliu in a secure and encrypted way . This means that no data will be collected for commercial purposes and no time limit will be set on network usage.

The Sant Feliu Innova TIC Point , in Torre del Roser Park, will be one of the seventeen connection points that the city will have. They will assume a public internet connection, free and open to everyone with a width of 1 Gbps, to be distributed among all the people connected at that time. The minimum download speed per person depends on the number of people connected, the radio signal in the specific location, coverage or device type, among others. However, the duration of the connection and the volume of data are unlimited.

WiFi corner in the Torre del Roser

The use of this Wi-Fi Corner is free for all users who are registered in the online application of the "Sant Feliu On Line" network. Registration for the application can be requested from the staff facilitating the TIC Point. This wireless network is linked to the operating hours of the TIC Point.