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Replicated, a technology exchange platform open source

Posted on 27/04/2016
icona de so
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Replicat. 2016. Source: Replicat. Licence: BY-NC-SA

Replicat is a new web platform created with the aim of being a channel of distribution of products and projects advocating technological development from ethical principles. You can find initiatives that respect the environment and people, cover needs and work for a more livable and sustainable.

Driven from the XCTIT (Network of Science, Technology and Technology Cooperative Integral Catalan ) Replicat is a pioneering platform that enables prototyping fund and contribute actively in all parts of the process, encouraging the design, research and technological development. The income obtained from the participants serve to finance new projects and products.

Reciclat is based on principles such as free knowledge and technologies re-appropriate as a mechanism that allows the development of people and equal empowerment of communities.


Replicat has started a campaign to attract members  who may benefit from these conditions:

  • Creating a virtual store platform reply, sell and distribute your products independently or advertise your formation and services.
  • Obtaining funding and donation campaigns for your prototypes and projects.
  • Initial consultation without cost.
  • Bimonthly newsletter of the latest processes and developments made since the XCTIT, news updates and replication.
  • Light up to exchange money through social hosted the IntegralCes .
  • Training and services at a discount.
  • Participation in self-platform replication.
  • Participation in investment decisions and support other initiatives in the biannual meeting of the web platform replication.

The fee to become members it is 15 euros per quarter for individuals and 25 for groups. You can do the registration online .


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