The day will take place next Thursday, May 4, from 9.30 to 1.30 pm, at the Youth Office and will talk about the experiences of the ICT Point and actions against digital gaps. Sign up!

Tàrrega view
Tàrrega view. 2023. Font: ICT point.

Next Thursday, May 4, the Xarxa Punt TIC will travel to Tàrrega. Therefore, the day will take place from 9.30 to 1.30 pm at the Youth Office (Carrer de la Solana, 6). Specifically, the face-to-face meeting will be divided into two large sections. The first area will revolve around the experiences of the ICT Point. In this sense, it will be discussed how work is done to guarantee the digital training and digital inclusion of citizens from the ICT Point Network and the focus will be on the diversity of digital social dynamism services that ensure to allow access, learning and the creation of quality with new information and communication technologies. This section will feature the presentation of various projects of the ICT Point Network and an open discussion between the speakers and the attendees of the territorial meeting in Tàrrega.

The second area will revolve around actions against digital gaps. Along these lines, we will talk about the vegueria of Lleida and how the specific needs of this territory are being detected, how the challenges are being addressed from the public administrations and how the opportunities are being taken for improve people's quality of life. Several public administrations will participate in this section, which will have an open discussion between the speakers and the attendees.

In essence, the face-to-face meeting will enjoy the reception of the Punt Òmnia góTIC in Tàrrega, the host point of the day, which since 2001 and with the help of its facilitator Ramon Oromí Farré has been working for the digital inclusion of citizens . The ÒMnia gòTIC Point is the Tàrrega City Council's technological training and dissemination service. For more than twenty years, it has been working to bring information and communication technologies closer to the residents of the municipality, the county and the vegueria. Tàrrega City Council's technology training and dissemination service promotes digital literacy and digital transformation through free technological and digital learning and experimentation experiences open to everyone.

People interested in attending can sign up through this online form .