Segona edició de la "Terminologia de la ciberseguretat"
Segona edició de la "Terminologia de la ciberseguretat". Author: El TERMCAT. License: All rights reserved.

The "Cybersecurity Terminology" includes terms related to attacks, security technical means, social behaviors linked to this field and also technologies that have a significant impact on cybersecurity policies. There are a total of 260 Catalan terms, with definitions, equivalents in Spanish, French and English, and explanatory notes. It is the work of TERMCAT, in collaboration with the Information Security Center of Catalonia (CESICAT) and experts in the field.

The first edition of the terminology is from December 2017 and now they have announced the second. The Supervisory Board of TERMCAT has studied and fixed thirty cases during these five months. For this process, the collaboration of experts has been requested through an online survey.

The survey was available in the months of December 2017 and January 2018 and sought to evaluate the most appropriate and most likely Catalan alternatives for a group of English loans that presented denominational problems and required a deeper study. 90 people responded.

The new terms that incorporate the collection refer mainly to the type of attacks and there are also terms referring to social behaviors linked to this area.