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The Òmnia CPS Palau is preparing for Christmas

Posted on 16/12/2019
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Infants del Punt TIC-Òmnia CPS Francesc Palau dissenyant postals de Nadal
Infants del Punt TIC-Òmnia CPS Francesc Palau dissenyant postals de Nadal, for Punt TIC-Òmnia CPS Francesc Palau. 2019. Licence: Tots els drets reservats

The Point ICT-Òmnia CPFS Palau has organized a Christmas postcard design activity with the computer.

On Tuesday, December 11 , at the ICT-Òmnia Point of the CPS Francesc Palau, the children participating in the computer booster workshop celebrated the beginning of the Christmas holidays by designing with the computer postcards for their family members.

Throughout the session, the children searched for images of their liking, in order to design with the free software program LibreOffice Writer and at the same time print them so that they could write a beautiful message.

They designed their personalized postcards, and then gathered around the table with background music to paint and write wishes and dreams messages for 2020 .

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