From the Xarxa Punt TIC, we want to spread projects and initiatives that promote sustainable purchases. This week, we talk about it with Núria Sau of Andròmines. Essential!

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Image of gift. 2020. Font: Pexels. License: BY-SA.

This December, from the Xarxa Punt TIC, we want to spread projects, initiatives and campaigns that promote sustainable purchases, the second life of devices and the reuse of products. The aim is to show other ways to consume, buy and give gifts during the Christmas holidays.

So, this week, we talk about it with Núria Sau of Andròmines:

- What is the 'Reparadís' project?

- The 'Reparadís' project is an initiative of Andròmines, a social entity that has been working since 1993 for the socio-labor insertion of groups at risk, of people who are in a complicated situation in their lives, and we always do through the creation and dynamism of programs with an environmental purpose, through reuse and through the prevention of waste generation. Now, we focus on refurbishing mobile phones and computers, especially laptops, to give these devices a second life.

- So, how did the 'Reparadís' project come about?

- At Andròmines, we have been working with electrical and electronic devices for years and refurbishing them to extend their useful life. However, last June, we took a step further and opened the 'Reparadís' store in the commercial gallery of Mercat de Sant Andreu in the city of Barcelona. From the organization, for a long time we wanted to open a point of sale much more accessible to citizens, because our reuse centers are located in the industrial areas of Montcada and Reixac and Bon Pastor. For a long time we wanted to get much closer to the territory, to have more contact with the neighbors. At this point, and with the support of the Agència de Residus de Catalunya, the 'Reparadís' store emerged. The space also allows us to publicize the programs, as well as offer advice on repairs and support to citizens.

- These holidays, will you have an extra point of sale?

- From next Friday, December 15, we will be at the Fira de Nadal of the Plaça Catalunya. There, we will have a selection of devices. In fact, I want to take the opportunity to remind you that these initiatives can be carried out thanks to the participation of people who have a job with the project and can start a process of insertion.

- Specifically, what are the benefits of reusing devices?

- We think it is very important to offer the purchase of refurbished devices, real options, within reach and that work perfectly. We must be aware that the creation of a new device contains a huge ecological backpack. The production of a device, for example a mobile phone, involves thirty-four kilograms of materials, when the final device weighs approximately one hundred and thirty grams. Likewise, the social impact of where these products come from must be taken into account. Every time we buy a second-hand mobile phone we are preventing the extraction of as many minerals, which in many cases are scarce, and we are extending the life of our planet.

- How would you encourage citizens to opt for sustainable purchases?

- In the 'Reparadís' store, we have devices adapted to all levels of use. We even have gamer level devices. Our intention is to work hard on technological usage needs, because we want everyone to have them covered. In addition, every fortnight, on Fridays, we open an advisory space for small repairs or support to extend the life of electrical and electronic devices. From here, I encourage you to approach the 'Reparadís' store and discover us. At Christmas, the best gift is one that produces no waste.