Until next Monday, July 3, women's candidacies can be submitted to one of the eight categories and one of the two subcategories provided for in the successful call. Participate in it!

Image of woman
Image of woman. 2020. Font: Pexels. License: BY-SA.

The Secretariat of Digital Policies of the Generalitat of Catalonia has presented the ninth edition of the DonaTIC Awards. The successful call has begun with the opening of the deadline for submitting candidacies. So, until next Monday, July 3, people who wish to do so can process the request. In fact, nominations may be proposed by the candidate herself or by any other person or institution. Specifically, eight categories are foreseen (Entrepreneur, Businesswoman, Professional, Academic/Researcher, Disseminator, Revelation, ICT Student and related initiatives) and two subcategories (within ICT Student, there is University and FP and within related initiatives, there is Business and Entity, Training Center or Institution).

The aim of the DonaTIC Awards is to recognize and give visibility to the fundamental role of women in the professional, business and academic world of digital technologies and the CTEHM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Humanities and Mathematics) disciplines, as well as to offer female references contemporaries in these areas. In this sense, the eight categories and the two sub-categories of awards are grouped into three areas: the professional, the academic and revelation, and the dissemination and related initiatives. The categories and subcategories are exclusive, that is to say, a nomination can only be submitted to one category or one subcategory.

Once the deadline has closed, these will be evaluated by a jury made up of professionals from the technology sector. Specifically, the evaluation will consist of two parts: a first part in charge of the technical committee that will select a maximum of six semi-finalists for each of the categories and a second part in charge of the honor committee that will be in charge of choosing the finalist nominations and the winning nomination for each category and each subcategory. The DonaTIC Awards ceremony will take place next Tuesday, October 10, coinciding with Ada Lovelace Day in recognition of who was the first programmer.

Interested persons can apply through this online link .