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The neighborhoods of Girona East create a new Instagram channel

Posted on 02/03/2020
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Logo Instagram Òmnia Girona Est
Logo Instagram Òmnia Girona Est, for Girona Est. 2019. Licence: Tots els drets reservats

The Òmnia de Girona Est create a new Instagram channel to communicate their activities.

Girona This is a set of 5 neighborhoods in Girona: Vila-Roja, Mas Ramada, La Creueta, Sant Daniel, Font de la Pólvora.

There are three of these neighborhoods, Vila-Roja , Font de la Pólvora , Sant Daniel Group and Mas Ramada, which carry out Omnia activities and have unified efforts at the communication level by creating a new Instagram channel where you can find information on all the activities and projects .

Through Punt Lector , Punt Lúdic and Punt Òmnia , the aim is to learn , share , innovate and discover with reading, play and ICT.

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