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Some time ago technology companies warn of the difficulties they have to get qualified in the sector. A trend that seems to also affect computer security experts.

Almost a third of managers of ICT companies in the profile indicates that information security is more difficult to find to complete his staff. It's the kind of expert scarce, ahead even of software developers. In the latter case, 18% of companies expressed difficulties to meet their personal needs.

The report notes that experiences in the next three years there will be a shortage of security experts to 1.5 million people. M among the companies should cover 2.5 million people who have specialized in this area is believed that there will be only one million valid candidates to fill these positions. the situation is complicated if we take into account that, in the future, the demand for these specialists to grow 10% per year while the will offer only 5.6% in the same period.

The fact is that the figures indicate a growing need for protection of companies. The report indicates that between 2014 and 2015 errors safety grew 38%.

This graphics have more details of the report: