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The meeting robotics creative images!

Posted on 23/12/2016
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III Trobada Robòtica Creativa
III Trobada Robòtica Creativa, for Xarxa Punt TIC. 2016. Licence: BY-NC-SA

More than a dozen driving force and promoters have closed this 2016 experiment with robots in the 3rd meeting open creative robotics. On this occasion, the training has not been done to any area of ICT Network Point but the Ateneo The Sun Factory of Barcelona district of Barceloneta.

Thus the participants were able to learn about other resources offered by the city of Barcelona. Besides programming and old friends for ICT Network Point Scratch, new elements have been incorporated digital manufacturing, such as laser cutters.

These meetings, by the same dynamic self-organizing / s network, are open spaces for learning, exploration of new technological tools and an excellent opportunity to transfer knowledge between colleagues. We shared a selection of photos from the event! We promise that will not be the last!

3rd Meeting Creative Robotics