As part of the 'Menja't Girona' project, three sessions of digital advice on cyber security, pricing strategy and SEM campaigns were dynamised. Discover the details!

The Punt TIC del Servei Municipal d'Ocupació de l'Ajuntament de Girona has promoted a three-day training aimed at the tourist sector of Girona. The proposal for digital advice has included the participation of accommodation, restaurants, travel agencies, guided activities and complementary activities of the municipality. First, on Tuesday, October 3, cyber security was discussed. Then, on Wednesday, October 4, the focus was on the pricing strategy. Finally, on Thursday, October 5th, SEM campaigns were addressed. The training could be followed in person at the Punt TIC del Servei Municipal d'Ocupació de l'Ajuntament de Girona and electronically. "Through a study funded by this European project, we detected the need for training in certain digital areas, such as, for example, digital marketing or cyber security, for small and medium-sized companies in Girona," says Gemma Geis, vice mayor of the Girona City Council. "The aim of the trainings is to improve online strategies and increase the digital visibility of Girona companies", explains Lola Ruíz, trainer. "The sessions offer a very global view, where you can extract the points that suit you best depending on your type of company. The sector is very changing and the people in it, whether directly or indirectly, always have things to learn, innovate and apply", says Lara Pujol, participant of the training.

The initiative was organized as part of the 'Menja't Girona' project which is part of the call for Tourism Sustainability Plans in Destinations funded by the Recovery, Transformation and Resiliency Plan (ProyectosPRTR) funded by the European Union - NextGenerationEU. So, the aim of the 'Menja't Girona' project is to offer measures to encourage adaptation to a responsible, close, sustainable and professionalized economic model and, consequently, to support businesses and self-employed people in Girona's tourism sector in its digital transformation process and in the development of resilience strategies against the new challenges of the tourism ecosystem. In this sense, previously, Girona City Council carried out a study on the degree of digital maturity of Girona's tourism sector with the aim of obtaining an accurate X-ray of the implementation and use of digital tools in the small and medium-sized companies in Girona.