M4Social Day 2019
M4Social Day 2019. Author: m4Social. 2019. License: All rights reserved.

Next Monday, November 18 m4Social of the Board of Entities of the Third Sector of Catalonia is the fourth edition of the M4Social Day . This year they want to focus on one of the concepts of fashion in the field of technological innovation: the big data .

There are more and more data and their samples are more and more enormous. M4Social Day wants to get close to the big date to bring us closer to its great virtues for the third social sector . How is it affordable at any level and analyze how it is possible to use the undeniable data potential to benefit the social challenges facing the Third Sector.

The participants will be able to know the latest trends as well as the need to share data to focus attention on people and communities. The event, which will take place during the morning of November 18, has the following program :

09:00 Registration

09:15 Welcome institutional
Mrs. Francina Alsina, president of the Board of entities of the Third Social Sector of Catalonia.
Mrs. Therese Jamaa, General Manager GSMA Mobile World Capital. Illustration
Mrs. Laura Pérez, fourth deputy mayor of the City Council of Barcelona.
Hble. Mr. Chakir el Homrani, Minister of Labor, Social Affairs and Families (pending confirmation).

09:45 InspiraSocial conference
Mr. Javier Creus, founder, Ideas for Change.

10:30 Roundtable: Sharing data for person-centered attention: the challenge of interoperability
Mrs. Meritxell Benedí, Director of Social Services of the Department of Labor, Social Affairs and Families of the Generalitat de Catalunya (pending confirmation).
Mrs. Sonia Fuertes, Commissioner of Social Action of Barcelona City Council.
Mr. Josuè Sallent, Director of the TIC Social Health Foundation.
Mr. Xavier Trabado, member of the Third Sector Board.

12:00 Coffee Break

12:30 Workshop: Finding the meaning of the data through the visualization.
In charge of DataforGood Barcelona.

13:30 Closing
Adolf Díaz, responsible for m4Social to the Board of Directors of the Third Sector Board.

The event is free but it is necessary to make a prior registration through this link .