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La Salle Technova starts the 2nd edition of its pre-acceleration program in the field of ICT

Posted on 14/06/2016
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Technova PreAccelerator
Technova PreAccelerator. 2016. Source: Technova PreAccelerator. Licence: Tots els drets reservats

Technova PreAccelerator program is a pre-accelerated 10-week duration for people with entrepreneurial concern, under 30 with full availability, which they would like to create a startup in the field of ICT.

From May La Salle Technova has been looking for 10 teams of entrepreneurs to participate from now and June 20 will begin the process of pre-acceleration.

Every week combined training sessions and meetings of personalized accompaniment. And once the program entrepreneurs have defined their business models and their validation on the market by defining an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). In addition, there will be 3 months free advice for the best projects of the program.

The program combines general education for the definition and launch of a startup, specific training in specific areas such as Big Data, Internet of Things, Smart City and Mobile, weekly support and networking ecosystem -inversors agents, accelerators, entrepreneurs and empresaris-.

The equipment will be installed during 10 weeks at the offices of La Salle Technova. The program has an area of ​​48m2 with 24/7 accessibility to facilitate the growth of startups in a entrepreneur. It is a program funded solely on the entrepreneurial team will contribute € 150 to reserve your place.
If you are interested in being one of the 10 teams participating entrepreneurs you can register until 13 June in the following form:

For more information about the program please see their website.

Objectives of the program:
The whole process is governed under the Lean Startup model, a methodology that supports the process of creating a startup in the footsteps of definition, development, consolidation and launch a business project.

Throughout the program the entrepreneur get validate the following:

  • Defining the customer problem and solution
  • Validate value proposition
  • To develop the business model
  • Creating MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and market validation
  • Understanding the mechanics of growth and scalability of a startup
  • Cooperation between entrepreneurs
  • Defining a roadmap strategy and funding
  • Analysis of the feasibility of the project